The more I learn the more I want to do.


I am trying to try to learn new things well as I see lies are been told every day…

so we are going to find a cure if all we get is lies….


To be or not to be..


I am trying to do things but I am not having any luck at all I going to a gym that I used to go but I don’t see how can I meet people well I need to change the time I go if I want to see people well I do meet people how to talk to them again I need to learn to do that. any way I go to try 

Too never give up


I am trying to do new things to help out but so far nothing have work I am looking doing clinical stuff to learn and help as much as I can to play games is not what I am looking well I keep my eyes open until I tank god for what I am doing but what I want is going to be none stop,

Self handcapping


I am wondering do we handicap our self’s and is a way to change the way we do it. I will spend some time on the subject I looking to find some answers on the matter I might meet a person who is doing a film but he got ask permission to his wife so do we need to ask permission  to do something that might help so many people I hope not if he does not I will